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Why senior business leaders are embracing ServiceNow®

Post-Pandemic Business Planning

As more companies adopt digital transformation initiatives and cloud-based solutions, it’s imperative to assess and address operational efficiency and portfolio management to ensure that resources are properly allocated. Bill McDermott, CEO, and President of ServiceNow says,

“One of the big lessons that businesses are learning right now is that trillions have been poured into digital transformation yet only one in four projects actually deliver positive ROI.”1

The ServiceNow platform does what’s so desperately needed in many organizations — it links segmented systems, streamlines processes, and provides true visibility into how well plans are being executed. The benefits of a properly implemented ServiceNow solution resonate with every member of the C-suite, from finance to technology.

These indicators suggest that a company could benefit from the ServiceNow IT Business Management solution:

  • current use of an underperforming legacy project portfolio management system

  • spreadsheets updated manually

  • a lack of confidence that resources are properly allocated to top priority projects

The ServiceNow solution offers many benefits, with 3 that stand out as game-changers:

  • using the unified backlog to maximize existing tool investments

  • maximizing investments

  • providing comprehensive project portfolio management

Using the Unified Backlog to maximize existing tool investments

Part of what makes the ServiceNow solution so valuable is that it capitalizes on existing investments. Companies don’t have to get rid of all legacy systems or preferred tools that work. If a team wants to continue using Jira®, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jenkins, or other tools, ServiceNow adds those to the tool set and communicates with those systems as part of the overall solution.

The flexibility of the unified backlog allows planning to take place in the customer’s preferred system, ensuring that essential information is shared seamlessly. Different teams can work in their preferred environments, without leaving gaps in the information that decision-makers need at all levels. The unified backlog streamlines all types of work through all stages, provides traceability, and eliminates the need to manually enter information from one system to another, so there is no duplicate work and no manual data entry errors.

Although seamless communication sounds simple, it’s not always prioritized and can be tricky to execute. It’s essential to keep seamless information exchange at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives. McDermott explains, “All companies want simple, easy, seamless experiences for their people and their customers.”2

Maximizing investments

According to Forrester®, ServiceNow ITBM increases capital efficiency by 30%.3 The Forrester study revealed that the ServiceNow ITBM solution achieved this efficiency by reducing scope creep and project delays. The study says, “One of the most prolific benefits from utilizing the ServiceNow ITBM solution is the ability to track the utilization of resources with key skill sets. Project managers (PMs) can collaborate across multiple projects, ensuring skilled resources align to project needs at the right time. This alignment reduces project delays and results in $1.2 million in savings per year.”

Of the many lessons learned during the pandemic, the need for complete visibility into all projects at the executive level became glaringly apparent. Enterprises had to make mission-critical investment decisions in the midst of changing conditions; those with a complete view of their portfolio projects were better armed to make well-informed decisions. Others were scrambling to collect current data and cobble together what-if scenarios, tasking already overwhelmed department heads to provide critical data from siloed systems.

PPM solutions such as ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) saw increased demand, with immediate need for implementation. However, the benefits of ITBM extend well beyond the extreme circumstances of a pandemic, and many companies are now benefiting in multiple ways from investing in digital transformation. What’s happening in your business right now? That isn’t a question that only needs to be answered during a crisis. The ability to know what’s going on and react to changes and current situations is crucial. Properly integrating an ITBM solution with IT Service Management and IT Operations Management provides comprehensive data that supports informed decision-making.

In our work helping customers implement the Service Now ITBM solution, we’ve seen the benefits of seamless communication first-hand. For example, Customizo helped a Large Telco provider through the implementation of ITBM - Providing comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM). This allowed for consolidated portfolio, program and project management, increased leadership visibility against organization performance and improved overall productivity.

To learn more about how a properly implemented ServiceNow Business Management solution can support your digital transformation goals, contact us.


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