Customizo is a premier ServiceNow Service Partner, We are a Canadian based corporation, headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We have been in the US and Canadian market since 2012 with a proven track record of successful ITSM and ServiceNow implementations. Our implementations include the ServiceNow implementation of the largest MSP ServiceNow provider in Canada. We have a very well organized and seasoned ServiceNow team that includes top-notch talent in the ServiceNow implementation industry in North America.


 Premier Sales & Service Partner 

Investing in our People & their Ideas

You have a voice and are more than just a number.  We are an innovative, family-oriented culture that wins innovative global projects. Our employees are welcome to come forward to share their thoughts. We believe in a cohesive team that works together to get the job done rather than one mind leads all.

Our culture rewards imagination, passion, collaboration, dedication, and social responsibility. We invest in our employee’s certifications, and other growth opportunities to keep them the brightest and the best in our industry.