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ServiceNow Consulting Services

From the beginning phases of your ServiceNow journey to the present, we are here for you every step of the way.


Our typical ServiceNow engagement goes through 9 key stages:



ServiceNow Implementation Solutions

We are a leading ServiceNow Partner in Canada, providing full implementation, application development and support services for the ServiceNow platform.

Did You Know?

We Offer ServiceNow Platform Administration Services?

Standard ServiceNow administration service which offers platform administration, upgrade, patching and enhancement requests. We work together with customer to adequately assess the customer instance of ServiceNow and determine the appropriate support requirements and level of effort required on a monthly basis for administrating the instance. We offer highly skilled and experienced resources in all areas of ServiceNow to administer and mature your instance with agreed upon Service Levels Targets

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Elevate Your Workflow Experience

Regardless of the type of challenges your business might be facing, we can help!  Our solutions are customized to your companies unique  needs so you can continue on with confidence.


Why Customizo? 

A Decade of Experience

Over the past 10 years Customizo has successfully delivered hundreds of ServiceNow engagements and has the in-house expertise to address any project size or complexity.     


Capability & Flexibility

One of the few System Integrators  who can span the entire suite of SNOW; from licensing to the development of custom code. This combined with our various pricing models offers a high degree of versatility depending on the project. 



Customizo has developed proprietary tools and processes to accelerate a SNOW deployment, ensuring that project timelines and deliverables are met or surpassed.


Delivery Governance

Focusing on delivery excellence has been a standard operating model for Customizo since day 1, through this focus you can rest assured that the project will be delivered on time, on budget and on value.

Man on Phone

Executive Thought Leadership

CX level relationship mgmt. 

Interface with business leaders outside of IT: HR, Finance, Risk & Compliance etc.

Business value focus: vision, ROI/TCO & CX

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